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At EEF we take child sponsorship seriously

Having worked with boys and girls in Ethiopia for 15 years, we understand that poverty is complex. It goes further than just a lack of money. It’s also a lack of choice and power.  In Ethiopia, poverty as a child means having zero opportunities. The Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF) believe that education is the way out of poverty. Since 2005 we have supported over 230 deprived children through scholarships funded by sponsorships and their successes have blown us away year after year.

Our Unique Approach:

Sponsoring a studentFrom 150+ candidates each year, we carefully select academically promising students from harshest of backgrounds and support them from the end of primary school all the way through university.

19 of our students now work in hospitals across the country as medical doctors. 60+ of our students are engineers working on large construction, water- or agriculture projects, many are accountants or lawyers. All students on our Addis Ababa programme have been able to enter university.

We run EEF effectively like a business, but our outcome is dramatic change instead of profit. This means spending less money on administration and large salaries and more on the children who need our support.

Fekadu is one of 14 siblings, most of them cannot read or write. When we met himin 2005, he lived in extreme poverty and without help from his family. He is now a medical doctor.

Dr Fekadu Habtamu

Our sponsorship programme is

  • effective (100% success rate due to a very diligent selection process)
  • affordable (sponsorship starts at only £1.10 per day)
  • and sustainable (our first graduates have now started to support some of our new students)

Your sponsorship pays for all school related cost (fees, uniforms, materials), nutritious meals and safe shelter where students can study and focus on their education.


That is all they need to be successful. Please help.

You can sponsor by making annual payments or monthly direct debits.

sponsor a student  and make a difference that lasts a lifetime.