Family Background

After his father’s death, Wanwich left South Sudan and made his way to Ethiopia three years ago (2017) at the age of 12. He was keen to continue his education and with schools closed in South Sudan, he had to leave his mother and siblings (two sisters and two brothers) behind.

He now lives with his grandmother, who is is also looking after two other grandchildren (Wanwich’s cousins) aged 9 and 6. Their parents died in the war.

Living situation

They live around 2 hour’s walk away from Gambella town centre and every day Wanwich walks this distance to school and back again full of energy and enthusisam. He knows that education is his way out of poverty.  On the daily walk to school he does little jobs, like  carrying canisters of water for people. The money he makes from this allows him to buy school materials.

His grandmother is quite weak and she has no job and no income. They receive a sack of maze every now and again from an aid organisation. This provides them with one meal per day.

They all sleep in a mud hut on some mats. There are no possessions other than the clothes they wear, a little pot (for the maze mash) and some spoons.  The neighbourhood (some 15 huts) share a hole in the ground that is covered with makeshift plastic sheets, that serves as a toilet.


Education and Ambition

Despite the hardship, Wanwich scores excellent results in school. He currently ranks 1st in his class of 100 students with an average of 90%. His dream is to study medicine one day as he wants to help his family and his country to find cures for the many sicknesses that people suffer from.


Our Plan for Wanwich

Wanwich will join the EEF programme in summer 2020. In order for him to be able to fulfil his potential, we must find him a place to live nearer to the school (to be shared with one or two other eef students). This place will have small desk space and electricity so that they can study together, as well as mattresses to sleep on and some other basic items.

We will also provide him with

  • three meals per day: An egg, banana and bread (for breakfast), a traditional vegetable dish and occasionally meat (lunch) as well as their custom maze stew (dinner) which they will cook themselves.
  • Some new clothes each year
  • Study materials throughout his time at school.

Our support will be for grades 8 – 12.

After grade 8 (last year of primary school) there will be a review, based on his grades, to see if he will go to high school in Gambella, or if he will join our programme in Addis Ababa.

After grade 12 (last year of high school) he will go to university (our programme track record for university entrance is 100%) and we will continue to support him with a monthly allowance.


Sponsorship for Wanwich is only £400 per year. Please support him if you can!




During your sponsorship we will send you

  • His two report cards per year (March and July)
  • Two short letters written by him each year (March and July)
  • 1-2 short reports on his progress each year (March and July)
  • 2-3 general EEF newsletters each year
  • Lots of regular updates about our overall programme on our website and on Facebook.